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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can't I get some links on your store to work, like selecting a solenoid valve coil?

Our online store is tested with the latest versions of Google's Chrome and Microsoft's Edge web browsers. Most others should work as long as you have an up-to-date version. Internet Explorer has been discontinued so our store may not work correctly on IE.

Q. Products don't display when I search your store?

If you have an Ads Blocker please turn it off, some Ads Blockers stop our product pages from displaying correctly. We do not have any 3rd party ads on our store, so you do not need an Ads Blocker when you shop with us. We earn money by selling products, not by selling advertising space.

Q. I keep getting lost in the store!

When you wander away, just click the Discover logo on the top left of the screen to get back home and start again.

Q. I am not sure what I need?

Try the Help Me Find It link on the top right of the screen. You can select the product type, size, material, and maximum pressure you need, then choose from the few options left. Or just call us, we will do our best to help you find a solution, even if it means sending you to a partner or competitor.

Q. Do you have a minimum order size?

For most products, no, you can order one valve. However a few products that we drop ship do have minimums, that information will be listed on the product pages.

Q. Can I shop from my smart phone?

Yes. Our website works on mobile devices. The information is a little abridged to fit, but you can shop and order from your phone or tablet.

Q. Do you have everything in stock?

We pull from more than 15 warehouses in the USA, so we have just about everything on the website in stock somewhere. There are a few items that we occasionally run out of, they are noted as such online. There is usually a link on those product pages to equivalent products if we are temporarily out of something.

Q. Do I need to set up an online account?

No, that is optional. If you set up an online account you can log in next time and avoid reentering your address, you can also log in to see your past orders and the tracking information. We do not store credit card numbers, so you will have to answer the payment questions each time.

Q. How can I check on an order?

Click the Orders link at the top of the page, enter your email and zip code. You should see your past orders and be able to click on View to track the status.

Q. Do you accept returns?

Yes. Please see our return policy here.

Q. What is your product Warranty / Guarantee?

We manage our factories and suppliers directly to assure they build and test all of our products to the necessary requirements. All products received into our Colorado warehouse are AQL inspected before moving into inventory, including hydro-testing for leaks, confirming threads meet the ANSI standards, and laser testing for correct metallurgical composition. Water meters also undergo flow testing.


· We will repair or replace any defective products free of charge within (12) twelve months from date the unit was delivered to you.

· All of our products are manufactured to our high standards of quality control. However, should a product become defective due to a flaw incurred during the manufacture of the product, or should the material be found to be defective within the above listed time frame, contact us for free product repair or replacement, subject to our confirmation and final decision. Warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, items subjected to frost damage, incorrect installation, incorrect application or shipping damage.

· Warranty is limited to the actual cost of the product only.


Q. Why is your pricing much lower than some brands like Apollo?

We have a lean business model. We do not have sales people driving to customers, or dozens of order takers sitting by phones. We do not sell through distributors, only direct to you. Most of our sales are entered by our customers online, letting technology work for us. We ship directly to you from warehouses throughout the USA. That keeps our costs down, so less expenses that we have to pass on to our customers. However we will be happy to chat with you, answer any questions, and take your order over the phone. Call us at 719-434-1727, M~F 8~4 MT.

Q. Do you offer discounts?

Yes, on most items. Our discounts are based on the total value of your shopping basket. You can receive up to 20% off our listed prices on most items if you have enough in your basket. Look for the 'as low as' price. Available discounts are automatically displayed in your basket prior to checkout. You can select any combination of qualified products for discounts.


Order $500.00~$999.99 receive a 5% discount

Order $1,000.00~$1,499.99 receive a 10% discount

Order $1,500.00~$2,499.99 receive a 15% discount

Orders over $2,500.00 receive a 20% discount

Pallet quantity discount: Select products are eligible for up to 30% off the listed price for orders over $3,500 shipping to a commercial location

Q. Are all products eligible for discounts?

Most, but not all. Volume discounts are not available on iron valves, all flanged-end valves (carbon and SS), some carbon steel valves or special order items. The individual product pages will say 'As low as' if they are eligible for additional discounts.

Q. How do I get the discounts?

Any available discounts will show automatically in the shopping basket. You will see the total amount before you enter the checkout pages. No Surprises.

Q. I am a wholesaler, how can I buy from you and make money reselling your products?

Our pricing is designed so wholesalers can buy in bulk from us and receive up to 20% off many of our stated prices. You can then resell them in smaller quantities, even below our online pricing, and make a profit. We also provide an OEM option, see the next question. If you have a large order requirement and the online store doesn't offer any discounts, call us directly, we will see what we can do.

Q. Do you offer OEM or private labeled products?

Yes. Most of our business is OEM/private labeling. Contact us directly for details. Many of our products can be manufactured and delivered to you discounted up to 20% off the listed prices, giving you a good margin to work with. There are volume requirements for OEM, but we can usually give you pricing that you can compete with on the wholesale and resale levels. Manufacturing directly for you allows us to private label valves and provide materials to meet your needs exactly. You can find some examples here.

Q. How fast do you ship?

As fast as we can. Most products ship the same day or the following day, every product has an estimated lead time listed. If the products says 'Ships Today', we need to receive the order by 12:00 noon MT (2:00PM ET) to get it shipped today (weekends and holidays excluded). Ships today only applies to products listed as 'In stock, ready to ship' and shipments going to the lower 48 states.

Q. Can you ship overnight express today?

That depends, we always try. Most products can ship the same day if the order is entered before 10:00AM MT, but not all. It depends on the product and what warehouse it will ship from. If it is urgent, please call us at 719-434-1727 to confirm how fast we can ship. Apple Pay defaults to ground only.

Q. Do you offer free shipping (Full Freight Allowed)?

Yes. Most items can ship for free if the basket total is; at least $200 when shipping to the USA, $500US when shipping to Canada, more details below.

· Free Shipping will automatically appear as an option if offered.

· Free shipping is only available to the United States and Canada. Free shipping to Alaska and Hawai'i is limited to items that will fit in a USPS Priority Mail one-rate box, generally 2" valves and smaller, and items that we stock in our own warehouse. You can put items into a cart online and click Estimate Shipping, free shipping will display as an option if we can do it, or contact us for confirmation.

· USA - Merchandise total must be at least $200.00 and include eligible products only. Iron products and some flanged carbon steel products are not eligible for free shipping.

· Canada - Merchandise total must be at least $500US and include eligible products only. Iron products and some flanged carbon steel products are not eligible for free shipping. Discover Valve is not responsible for any duties, taxes or import charges into Canada, these are the responsibility of the importer as listed on the commercial invoice that we provide with the shipment.

· For the free shipping option we will use FedEx Ground or USPS Priority Mail. We use USPS Priority Mail for AK, HI, and any areas not serviced by FedEx, such as PO boxes. For freight shipments we will use our motor freight carrier. Delivery is normally 1-5 business days. If you require faster delivery please select the express shipping option of your choice from the drop-down list.

· Special order items may not be eligible for free shipping.

· We reserve the right to withdraw the free shipping offer at anytime and without prior notice. If you have any questions or technical problems send us a note.

Q. Why don't you offer to ship everything for free over $200?

Products made from iron and some steels are very heavy compared to their value. The shipping companies charge by the pound regardless of what is in the box, so when shipping costs are calculated as 'per pound', shipping iron or carbon steel is very expensive compared to say stainless steel. The individual items will display the free shipping (FFA) options available.

Q. Why don't you offer UPS shipping during the checkout process?

We have our best negotiated rates with FedEx, and a daily pickup from most of our locations. We can ship on your UPS account if you choose 'freight collect' (see 'ship on my account' below).

Q. Can you ship on my freight account?

Yes. We ship with UPS, FedEx, USPS, and many LTL carriers. When you checkout, choose Freight Collect from the shipping option pull down list. On the next page enter your freight account, carrier and desired method of service in the Special Instructions box. You will not get charged shipping from us, and we will follow the directions you entered in the Special Instructions box. For UPS we need to know the zip code that the account number you enter is billed to.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

Yes. When you checkout, if your country is listed in the pull down box, you will be offered international shipping options. If your country is not listed in the pull-down box of country choices, send us a note we may be able to add it for you. Our Canadian neighbors will be offered a FedEx Ground option during checkout (you need to enter your two digit Province code). The listed FedEx Ground rates do not include their 'Clearance Fee' and they may ask you for that later and/or additional duty later, we cannot predict or control that. Discover Valve is not liable for lost shipments once they are confirmed by the shipping company to have left the USA, please make a claim with your local postal system or FedEx for lost shipments.

Q. Can you drop ship to a job site or to my customer directly?

Yes. We will ship to the address that you enter in the 'Ship To' side during checkout. We only send a packing list in the box, no pricing. You can put any Special Instructions in the Special Instructions box when you checkout. Anything you type in the Special Instructions box will print on the Invoice and Packing Slip.

Q. What do you accept as payment?

We accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX, and Discover cards, we also accept PayPal and Apple Pay. If you have an open account with us you can pay with a Purchase Order number during checkout. No need to send us a PO if you pay online with a PO number and you were able to enter all the relevant information.
Customers outside the USA must pay open account balances by ACH payment.
Net-30 customers requesting to pay an invoice by credit card after the order has been entered, will be charged a 3% fee for offline processing.

Q. Do you ship COD?

Sorry, we do not.

Q. How do I open an account?

We do offer net-30 terms once a credit report has been ordered and approved by our finance office. We have a $100 minimum order for Purchase Orders. Click here to download an application, signature not required.

Q. Do I need to send you a purchase order if I have an open account?

No. You can order online 24/7 and choose 'Purchase Order' when you checkout, the PO number will be your method of payment. If you order with a PO number online you will receive immediate confirmation and the invoice will be sent to the email address in the 'Bill To' side during checkout. If you are on the East Coast you won't have to wait 2 hours for us to answer the phone since our office is on Mountain Time.

Q. Do you charge sales tax?

We will only collect sale tax if the 'Ship To' address is in California or Colorado. Customers outside California and Colorado do not need to worry about tax (for now). If you are in one of those states, and will re-sell our products, email us a copy of your resale certificate and enter the resale number in the Resale # box (located under the Ship Via box) during checkout. Tax won't be added when you click continue.

Q. What is NPT?

Standard pipe threads used in the USA are NPT, National Pipe Thread Tapered, also referred to as IPT, Iron Pipe Tapered in some industries, not Iron Pipe Straight, as our valve threads are tapered. Almost every small valve on our website is NPT threaded. The exceptions are SW, Socket Weld ends, and a few tubing-end valves. The 'F' or 'M' we add defines Male or Female ends. So FNPT is a Female National Pipe Thread. We can special order many other world threads. Mobile applications, like automobiles, usually have SAE threads, SAE is different than NPT.

Q. I am confused, what is the difference between pipe and tubing?

Pipe is rigid, usually sold in straight lengths, with the exception of products like PEX, which is pipe but sold in rolls. The 'nominal size' is roughly the inside diameter of the pipe. So a 1" pipe will have about a 1" inside diameter. Tubing is usually sold rolled in a coil. The 'nominal size' of tubing is the outside diameter of the tubing. So 1" tubing will have a 1" outside diameter. Confusing, yes, I agree. Most applications we deal with are pipe. If you are not sure what size you need, measure the inside diameter of the actual pipe (not the valve or fitting connection), and round to the closest 1/4" size that we list online.

Q. What is the difference between a 1-piece, 2-piece and 3-piece ball valve?

1-piece ball valves will restrict the flow a little. The ball is installed into the end of the valve, so a 1" 1-piece valve will have a 1" ball, but will have about a 3/4" hole in the ball for the flow. 1-piece valves are light weight and less expensive that the others. If flow rate is not an issue, you can use a 1-piece ball valve.

2-piece valves do not restrict the flow much. The 1" ball from the previous example will have a 1" hole in it. Since the ball is bigger than the valve, the valve body is two pieces screwed together to get the ball inside. If flow rate is an issue, use a 2-piece ball valve. Although you can disassemble most 2-piece valves, they are considered disposable and not designed to be repaired or rebuilt.

3-piece valves are designed to come apart easily for cleaning, maintenance, and to weld them onto pipe without damaging the Teflon seats. We can get repair kits for the 3-piece valves.

Q. What do Full Port, Reduced Port, Standard Port mean?

Full-Port: The hole in the ball is roughly the same size as the inside of the pipe, example; a 1" full-port ball valve has about a 1" hole through the ball, so little or no flow reduction is noticed through the valve.

Reduced/Standard Port: The hole in the ball is the about one pipe size smaller than the inside of the pipe, example a 1" reduced (standard) port ball valve has about a 3/4" hole through the ball, so some reduction in flow through the valve will occur.

Q. What does WOG on the valve body mean?

WOG: The valve can be used for Water, Oil or Gas, however only CSA/AGA approved valves should be used for flammable gases.

Q. What are the differences between 316SS, 304SS, CF8M and CF8 stainless steels?

CF8M is a casting material equivalent of 316SS. CF8 is a casting equivalent of 304SS. The alloy compositions between the CFs and 300 series alloys are slightly different since they are manufactured in different processes and for different end uses. We use the terms CF8 and 304SS interchangeably, likewise we use the terms CF8M and 316SS interchangeably for simplicity.

CF8/304SS has a lower content of anti-corrosion elements than CF8M/316SS, so it is less expensive. CF8/304SS is great for most applications.

CF8M/316SS has a higher corrosion resistance and is preferred for applications with low pH levels, high chlorine, high salinity, or high H2S oil and gas. Many industries processing food grade products prefer the higher corrosion resistance of CF8M/316SS.

Q. Is stainless steel safe for drinking water?

Yes. Since our 304 stainless steel valves are the same material as 18/8 flatware, the most common flatware in your kitchen, it is considered as safe as your knives and spoons. Our 316 stainless steel valves are a surgical grade of stainless. Stainless steel does not contain lead. Most of our valves have PTFE seals and seats.

Q. Okay, so what is PTFE?

PTFE stands for PolyTetraFluoroEthylene. You might know it under the brand name Teflon. Teflon is PTFE. You may find RPTFE on some cut sheets. RPTFE is a glass reinforced PTFE, usually used in higher pressure applications for strength.

Q. How do I fix a leaking ball valve?

First determine where it is leaking from. Although all of our valves are pressure tested 100% before shipping, a leak could develop later if the conditions allow.

Leaking at the threaded connection? If you did not use Teflon tape, or a similar thread seal lubricant, you should. NPT threads are an interference fit, this means the threads have to tighten against each other to prevent leaks, like a wedge. Stainless and carbon steels are subject to galling, so it takes a little extra torque sometimes to get the connection tight. Teflon, or nickel guard tape, lubricate the threads and allow them to slide past each other more easily to tighten the connection.

Leaking at the stem? Most of our ball valves have adjustable packing, not a rubber O-ring. If there is a flat nut under the handle, tighten it a few degrees, this will squeeze the packing against the stem and should stop the leak. Heating and cooling of the valves can sometimes cause contraction and expansion of the materials enough to loosen the packing seal and cause a slight stem leak.

Leaking at the connection between the body halves in a 2-piece design ball valve? When you assemble the pipe connections it is possible to loosen the valve body connection, also extreme vibration in the pipeline can loosen the body halves. You should be able to tighten the body to stop the leak. There is a gasket between the two body parts to help prevent leaks.

Q. Solenoid Valve not working correctly?

· If the valve does not close tightly or at all, remove the 4-bolts (1/2" and larger), disassemble the body, check the seat and diaphragm for any debris. Something as small as a piece of Teflon tape on the seat will cause the valve to leak. Be sure you can press the diaphragm into the stem and it moves freely. To disassemble the 1/4" and 3/8" valves you can put the points of a pair of needle nose pliers into the two holes to unthread the cap, or use a spanner wrench, like a Baader 32450062. They have a o-ring seal and are not very tight.

· If the valve does not operate when energized; confirm the coil voltage and A/C or D/C is correct, there is no polarity requirement. All of the coils have the voltage and AC or DC imprinted into the plastic. Be sure you measure the rated voltage, ±10%, on the coil when it is energized. Our coils can pull >1 Amp, and may pull down a power supply if it cannot provide enough current. The 24V models need close to a 3 Amp (3,000mA) power supply to energize them.

· If the valve won't open, is connected to a liquid, and located below the fluid source, disassemble it and see if water got behind the diaphragm hydro-locking the valve.

· The valve should not be installed with the coil facing down.

· Confirm that the pins on the coil did not get wet and carbonized.

Q. Do you offer actuated valves?

· Although many of our valves are suitable for actuation, we do not offer actuators at this time. We have partnered with a company in Texas, Attitude Systems, they can actuate most valves and may be able to supply what you need. Please call them at 714-880-9992, ask for Donald, tell him we sent you.