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Discover brand Stainless Steel Solenoid Valves N.O. design

Stainless Steel body, Viton diaphragm, NPT Female Threads. Direct-acting design. Normally Open (NO) design, valve closes when voltage is applied to coil. Works with most fluids and non-flammable gasses.
Maximum pressure 116PSI.
Maximum Temperature 302°F.
Most coil voltages available.

Click here for product specifications, recommended installation and power ratings.
Troubleshooting Hints

· If the valve does not close tightly or at all, remove the 4-bolts (1/2" and larger), disassemble the body, check the seat and diaphragm for any debris. Something as small as a piece of Teflon tape on the seat will cause the valve to leak. Be sure you can press the diaphragm into the stem and it moves freely.

· If the valve does not close when energized; confirm the coil voltage and A/C or D/C is correct, there is no polarity requirement. All of the coils have the voltage and AC or DC imprinted into the plastic. Be sure you measure the rated voltage, ±10%, on the coil when it is energized. Our coils can pull >1 Amp, and may pull down a power supply if it cannot provide enough current. The 24V models need close to a 3 Amp (3,000mA) power supply to energize them.

· If the valve won't open, is connected to a liquid, and located below the source, disassemble it and see if water got behind the diaphragm hydro-locking the valve.

· The valve should not be installed with the coil facing down.

· Confirm that the pins on the coil did not get wet and carbonized.