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All Discover brand water/flow meters include a FREE factory installed dry contact reed switch, and a pair of NPT water meter couplings.
Horizontal multi-jet water meters measure in Gallons, Liters or Cubic Feet. Corrosion resistant lead-free polymer body rated at 150 PSI maximum working pressure. A variety of pulse output options are available.
Every meter flow tested and serialized, factory certified test results included with every meter.
Equivalent to a Carlon Meter JLP series, Stenner JLP series or a Dwyer Series WPT series.
Click Here for Product Specifications and flow curves
Where are these meters generally used?

Residential sub-metering, irrigation flow monitoring, livestock farms, hydroponics, industrial installations, or any application, where accurate flow monitoring is required. Being lead free they are safe for potable water.

Can they be installed vertically?

Multi-jet meters are only guaranteed accurate when they are installed horizontally and remain full of fluid.

What size do I need?

The size of the meter purchased should be based on the Continuous Flow expected in Gallons Per Minute, not necessarily the existing plumbing size. We offer our polymer meters in 10, 15, 25, & 50 GPM. Contact us first if you are not sure.