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316 Stainless Steel Steam Pressure Regulators.

Maximum working temperature 420F at maximum working pressure 300 PSI. Designed with steam in mind, these high performance regulators will work great with many liquids and non-flamable gases, in any application where you need a reliable, corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel pressure regulator.
Two outlet pressure ranges currrently available.
Where are they used?

Stainless Steel Steam Pressure Regulators are found in a variety of industrial, and commercial applications used to maintain constant steam pressures and temperatures in steam irons, autoclaves, vulcanizers, commercial steam boiler supplies, and heated injection molding systems to name a few.

Can I use them for other mediums?

Yes. Although our regulators are designed for steam applications, we factory test them 100% with water and air, they will work well with many liquids and non-flammable gases.

Code Name Price In Cart Qty
410002 1/2" Steam Pressure Regulator 10-50psi $3,950.00
410003 1/2" Steam Pressure Regulator 30-120psi $3,950.00
410006 3/4" Steam Pressure Regulator 10-50psi $4,450.00
410007 3/4" Steam Pressure Regulator 30-120psi $4,450.00