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Corrosive resistant CPVC body, Normally Closed direct acting design (valve opens when voltage is applied to coil), True-Union Socket (slip) Ends. No pressure differential required for operation. Maximum pressure 120 PSI, maximum temperature 200F.

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Where are these valves generally used?

CPVC, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, has higher temperature and corrosion resistance than normal PVC. Being non-metallic these solenoid valves are great for hot water, cold water, many chemicals and industrial liquid handling. They also an ideal choice for swimming pool applications where chlorine would degrade steel valves. These solenoid valves are a True Union design, no need to disassemble the pipeline to remove or service the solenoid valve.

Troubleshooting Hints

· If the valve does not close tightly or at all, remove the bolts, disassemble the body, check the seat and o-rings for any debris. Something as small as a piece of Teflon tape on the o-rings will cause the valve to leak.

· If the valve does not open when energized; confirm the coil voltage and A/C or D/C is correct, there is no polarity requirement. All of the coils have the voltage and AC or DC imprinted into the plastic. Be sure you measure the rated voltage, ±10%, on the coil when it is energized. Our coils can pull >1 Amp, and may pull down a power supply if it cannot provide enough current. The 24V models need close to a 3 Amp (3,000mA) power supply to energize them.