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Discover brand Stainless Steel Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Valve Stainless Steel body, Viton diaphragm, NPT Female Threads. If you need food safe or lead-free, replace the Viton diaphragm with an optional Silicone repair kit. Direct-acting, Normally Closed (NC) design, valve opens when voltage is applied to coil. Works with most fluids and non-flammable gasses. Horizontal installations only.
Maximum pressure 145PSI.
Maximum Temperature 302°F.
Most coil voltages available.

Click here for product specifications, recommended installation and power ratings.
Troubleshooting Hints

· If the valve does not close tightly or at all, remove the 4-bolts (1/2" and larger), disassemble the body, check the seat and diaphragm for any debris. Something as small as a piece of Teflon tape on the seat will cause the valve to leak. Be sure you can press the diaphragm into the stem and it moves freely.

· If the valve does not open when energized; confirm the coil voltage and A/C or D/C is correct, there is no polarity requirement. All of the coils have the voltage and AC or DC imprinted into the plastic. Be sure you measure the rated voltage, ±10%, on the coil when it is energized. Our coils can pull >1 Amp, and may pull down a power supply if it cannot provide enough current. The 24V models need close to a 3 Amp (3,000mA) power supply to energize them.

· If the valve won't open, is connected to a liquid, and located below the source, disassemble it and see if water got behind the diaphragm hydro-locking the valve.

· The valve should not be installed with the coil facing down.

· Confirm that the pins on the coil did not get wet and carbonized.

Where are these valves generally used?

Our stainless steel solenoid valves can be used in a variety of applications, including industrial flow control, water supplies, hydroponics, agricultural irrigation, livestock watering, or anywhere you need to turn a clean flow on and off quickly and reliably. Our solenoid valves are the direct acting type, not pilot driven like plastic residential irrigation valves. Residential irrigation controllers will not power them.